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Clarity of sound is critical during any event or in any space. You have a story to tell. RYGID AV wants to ensure your audience hears it. Our goal is to bring the highest fidelity in audio to every space.

With our experience in audio technology, RYGID AV can provide you with a sound system that fits your needs. From large format line array speakers used by rockstar bands to a lavaliere microphone worn by a keynote speaker, RYGID AV’s goal is to provide high quality sound.

Going digital? We can help you make it happen. Technology is changing rapidly, even in the audio realm. We can answer your questions as well as help keep you up to date. We’re certified in digital protocols like Dante and carry brands like Shure with their digital wireless devices and QSC with their QLan digital audio streaming.

We also provide technicians for live mixing. Check out our live event support page to learn more.