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A large blue screen is mounted on a wooden wall. A web camera facing the room hangs on the ceiling next to the large screen.

Video conferencing technologies

Choosing the right conference room solution can be tricky with many video conferencing platforms (Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Google Meet, etc.). We can analyze your conference space and needs to help you select the best service.


LED video walls enhance conference room presentations with clear and bright visuals, delivering immersive and dynamic content that moves beyond single display possibilities, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.


Traditional webcams are often sufficient for smaller gathering rooms, but bigger conference rooms usually need more advanced camera systems with wide-angle or auto-framing cameras. We can match your space to the suitable types of cameras available.

Speakers & microphones

Effective conference room audio solutions elevate presentations, improving audio quality with professional audio equipment that delivers clear and crisp sound, ensuring that presenters' messages are heard loud and clear.

A microphone is mounted to a black countertop with a light-colored wooden finish. A speaker is next to the microphone.
Square acoustical panels cover a wall, absorbing the sound and creating privacy.

Control panels

Control panels provide easy and intuitive management of audiovisual equipment from one source, enabling presenters to focus on delivering their message rather than worrying about technical issues. Install the ideal control center for your space.

Soundproofing & noise control

Acoustic panels for soundproofing and noise control in meeting spaces enhance sound quality, ensuring that presentations are heard without distraction or interruption, and confines sound so people outside cannot hear what is being shared.

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