AV Production For Corporate Events: Specialty Dental Brands

When Specialty Dental Brands decided to host its first-ever Summit in Nashville, TN, they aimed to create an experience that reflected their commitment to excellence. They booked an entire hotel with conference rooms and breakout spaces and prepared to host over 300 pediatric dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons. The hotel specced out the audiovisual equipment they would need, but no one on the Specialty Dental Brands team had the expertise to review it. They needed a trusted partner to ensure the success of their ambitious endeavor.

Specialty Dental Brands contacted us for an expert opinion on their AV needs. Ryan looked over the equipment list and noticed some unusual choices - some equipment was missing, while other pieces seemed odd, given what he knew about the event.

Ryan sat down with the conference organizers and discussed their goals. He asked questions no one so far had considered. It was more than an assessment; it was a broadening and deepening of a vision for the event. In the end, the big picture of what the AV setup needed to be emerged alongside the idea for the conference.

Impressed by the expertise and the comprehensive solutions we brought forward, Specialty Dental Brands decided to hand over the reins of the AV production for their conference to us. Managing this conference was no small feat, considering the venue was a 7-hour drive from our home base. But it was a challenge we were eager to meet.

This article is our story — a chronicle of how we at RYGID AV stepped up to the plate to ensure that the Specialty Dental Brands' conference was a success and a benchmark for future events.

Event's Vision & Objectives:

Specialty Dental Brands had a clear vision when organizing their first-ever conference. They aimed to provide a platform that would resonate with its attendees, primarily composed of doctors and professionals from the dental industry. Key objectives that stood out included:

Creating a Lasting Impression: The conference wasn't just an event but a statement of Specialty Dental Brands' commitment to excellence. They wanted to impress attendees, showcasing their dedication to the industry without going overboard.

Ensuring High-Quality Audio and Visual Displays: Clarity was paramount. From keynote speeches to panel discussions, every word spoken had to be clear, and every visual had to be sharp. The emphasis was on delivering information without compromise.

Optimal Sound in a Large Ballroom: Given the vastness of the ballroom, the keynote speakers needed to be audible to every attendee, irrespective of their seating.

Interactive Breakout Sessions: Apart from amplifying the panelists' voices, these rooms were equipped with microphones for an interactive Q&A session, ensuring everyone had a voice.

Recording the Sessions: Recognizing the value of their content, Specialty Dental Brands wanted every session recorded. Digital recordings allow them to share insights and discussions with those unable to attend.


Enhancing Social Events and Meals: The event encompassed social gatherings and meals beyond the formal sessions. The ambiance was enhanced with apt lighting, slide shows, and music, setting the perfect tone for networking and relaxation.

With these objectives outlined, RYGID AV's task was straightforward: deliver an AV experience that would seamlessly support and elevate the event to its desired standard.

Setting the Stage: Technical Expertise and Equipment

When walking into a large production, it can be easy to be captivated by the speeches, presentations, and overall atmosphere. However, behind the scenes, a symphony of technical components works in harmony to make it all happen. Let's pull back the curtain and dive into the elements that RYGID AV meticulously set up to ensure a seamless experience.

1. The Digital Audio Mixer:

The mixer might appear as a complex device with glowing buttons and faders, but in the hands of a professional, it's a vital tool for orchestrating the event's sound. It's not just about volume; it's about ensuring every keynote speaker, every video clip, and every question from the audience comes across with clarity and precision. A well-mixed audio is the backbone of any event, and the digital audio mixer is the instrument that makes it possible.

2. Capturing the Moment with Cameras:

A pivotal moment of a speaker, a reaction from the audience, or a critical slide capturing these moments with the proper camera setup is crucial. The camera mounted on a tripod with a motorized pan-tilt head ensures smooth transitions and high-quality footage for live streaming or post-event compilations.

3. The Central Role of Computers:

Gone are the days when events were just about microphones and speakers. In this digital age, laptops play a central role. From controlling the visuals on display screens to recording sessions and even streaming content for virtual attendees, computers are the unsung heroes that drive modern events.

4. Communication is Key:

Every member of the RYGID AV team wore headsets with microphones while working. Real-time communication between team members ensures that everyone is in sync. Whether adjusting the lights or cueing a video, these headsets provide a coordinated effort that attendees experience as a flawless event.


5. Lighting the Way:

Visual aesthetics play a significant role in setting the ambiance of an event. The LED panel lights, strategically placed, not only illuminate the venue but also enhance the presentation, adding depth and focus to the stage and ensuring speakers are visible.

6. Digital Signage: Efficient Communication:

Digital signage was a key feature in our AV setup for the event. These versatile displays not only directed attendees smoothly to their sessions but also provided updated schedules and important information. Beyond wayfinding, they enhanced the conference's ambiance by reinforcing Specialty Dental Brands' branding and displaying key messages and visuals that aligned with the event's theme. Their adaptability was crucial in keeping content timely and engaging throughout the conference.

7. Infrastructure and Organization:

It's not just about the tech but also the organization. The cables connecting the equipment might be out of sight, but they are crucial to the event's success. Alongside them, the road cases and equipment racks protect and house these valuable assets, ensuring they function optimally. Lighting stands or trusses further emphasize the detailed planning involved, allowing for elevated equipment mounting for optimum coverage.

8. The Audience's Experience:

Lastly, the audience. The true judges of the event's success. From their vantage point, seated comfortably at tables, they were immersed in the experience, likely unaware of the AV magic around them. But that's the goal. To make the technical seem effortless so the audience can focus solely on the content.

The Process: Navigating Challenges with Expertise

Site Visit

The path to setting up the AV for the Specialty Dental Brands conference showcased our team's adaptability and thorough planning at RYGID AV. Our first step was a proactive one - flying out to Nashville for an initial site visit. This wasn't just a mere walkthrough; it was an essential recon mission to understand the nuances of the venue. We collaborated closely with the hotel staff, getting a lay of the land and, importantly, assessing connectivity and power source options.

Moving AV Equipment to the Venue

However, understanding the venue was just one piece of the puzzle. The logistical challenge of transporting our equipment from Charlotte to Nashville was significant. We updated to DOT certification, ensuring compliance with all transportation regulations. The process involved renting box trucks and trailers, and meticulously planning each aspect of the journey. We were not only moving equipment but also ensuring the essential AV capabilities for the event were transported safely and efficiently.

Our Solution Oriented Approach

Upon arrival, we faced our next hurdle. Despite thorough planning, we encountered unexpected challenges, such as double-booked spaces which delayed our access to essential rooms. These were moments that tested our resilience. We had to think on our feet, rearrange our setup plans, and do so without letting the conference attendees feel the slightest hiccup in their experience.

Real Time Collaborative Efforts

But perhaps the most crucial aspect of our process was our collaboration with the client on-site before the event. Our philosophy is simple yet fundamental: “We don’t expect the client to understand how the technology works and exactly what is needed; we listen to their goals and specifics of the events and translate to how to execute it best.” This approach is what enables us not just to meet but exceed our client's expectations. We take their vision and mold our technical expertise around it, ensuring that every aspect of the AV production serves the event’s ultimate goals.

In every step, from the initial site visit to navigating logistical challenges and adjusting plans on the fly, our focus remained unwavering – to ensure the event's success, regardless of the obstacles.

AV Production: Mastery Behind the Scenes

The heart of our work at RYGID AV comes alive during the event itself – it's where our passion and expertise truly shine. Each Specialty Dental Brands conference session was a complex dance of sound, light, video, and presentation slides, requiring our team's utmost attention and coordination.

Our team was constantly active and attentive throughout the event, ensuring everything ran smoothly. We were not just operating in one room but synchronizing multiple sessions across different rooms. As one keynote speaker captivated the audience, our team worked simultaneously in the wings, ensuring the next breakout sessions were primed to go. This meant walking facilitators through their equipment, checking microphones, and ensuring presentations were queued up correctly.

Our approach was proactive and personal. Before each session, we touched base with the Specialty Dental Brands team, confirming every plan detail. It was about ensuring that every aspect – sound, lighting, video recording – worked harmoniously to support their content. Our team thrived in this environment, driven by a genuine curiosity about the subject area and a love for our craft.

This passion allowed us to embrace the dynamic nature of live events. Last-minute changes? No problem. We rolled with them, adapting on the fly, always in sync with the event's pulse. Our communication with the client was constant, ensuring we were not just service providers but partners 'in the event with them.'


As the event unfolded, it was clear why we love this part – the live show. There's an undeniable adrenaline rush in bringing all these elements together seamlessly, in real-time. It's not just about the technology; it's about creating an experience that resonates with every attendee. And at the end of the day, that's what we strive for – to not just meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and their audiences.

AV Production Equipment Used

Allen Heath Avantis Digital Console
Multi-S Monitor Set Up
Black Magic Designs URSA Portable Camera on Tripod
A bright blue digital sign displays the words 'specialty dental brands pre-dinner reception.'
Digital Signage
Birddog P4K Full NDI Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera
Shure QLXD4 Digital Wireless Receiver & Microphones

Many Thanks To Our Expert AV Production Team

A special acknowledgment is due to our incredible team, whose dedication and expertise were pivotal in the success of this event. John Stroup, our Production Manager, truly excelled in his role, orchestrating the event's many moving parts with skill. Amy Gilbert stepped up remarkably, moving from her usual office role to expertly handling camera operations. AnnaElyse Winchester, as our audio engineer, proved yet again why she's regarded as one of the best in the business. Heath Gerard navigated the complexities of the video world with finesse, managing eight independent displays in the main session alone, a feat in itself. His graphics assistant, Logan Damery, was impeccable with timing and last-minute edits. And a special mention to Justin Taylor from Waves Entertainment, who not only supplied us with top-tier gear but also provided invaluable on-site support. Each of these individuals played a crucial role in weaving together this extraordinary event.


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