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Professional av for live events

A drummer in a brown checkered shirt rocks out on stage amidst nine spotlights shining pale blue-green beams of light on stage,

High fidelity sound

Top-notch quality audio ensures that live events sound clear, natural, and immersive, providing an unforgettable experience for the audience and enhancing the impact and effectiveness of the performance or presentation.

Stage lighting

Proper lighting systems transform live events, highlight performers, create visual interest, and emphasize critical moments, creating a memorable and immersive experience that captivates the audience.

Control panels

AVL control systems are the heart of a successful event. As certified Q- SYS technicians, we have customized control panels and soundboards to cover everything from personal mixers to concert-level mixers in digital and analog.

Technical support

We offer full event coverage in audio, video display, and lighting. RYGID AV technicians can be onsite for your event as an extra set of hands backstage, running the front-of-house console, or as video switchers and camera operators.

Four panelists sit on tall chairs at the bottom of an auditorium. In the foreground sits a sound board controlling the lights and audio.
A large meeting room with people in business attire and wearing nametags sitting at circular tables, eating, drinking, and talking to one another. Two large screens hang on the back walls welcoming people to an economic kick-off luncheon event.

Video production services

Enhance the impact of live events with our professional-quality visual recordings, capturing key moments and ensuring that the message is conveyed clearly and effectively to the audience. Quality of video = brand image.

AV equipment rental

We provide a variety of audio, video, lighting, and control equipment for rent. Small format PA systems, large format audio systems, projectors and screens, televisions with stands, theatrical and accent lighting, and more. We customize rental packages for your needs.

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