Let us explain.

The FCC, who regulates the use of wireless frequencies, has decided to sell off certain frequency bands. You may be familiar of this when it occurred a couple years ago with the 700MHz band. To keep it short, today’s demand on wireless technology is ever growing and these frequencies are pertinent to their operation. The FCC sales these to companies who deal in wireless frequencies, like your cellphone company. When this happens, anyone using these must vacate, or stop using, their devices using these frequencies. This takes a huge hit on wireless microphones, which is why you’re here.

Check here for more details and timeline from the wireless pros: http://www.shure.com/americas/incentive-auction-resource-center

Who does this affect?

Anyone and everyone who uses wireless technology that operates in the 600MHz band. In this case your wireless microphones. Don’t feel short-changed because the big companies, like your local TV stations, have to do it too.

Why should you change?

Because you’re required. You’re not required until 2020 to be completely vacated but these companies will start testing and operating here before then. The sooner you upgrade, the better, and in this case you might be eligible to receive a one-time rebate.

This covers all microphone brands that carry models in the 600MHz band. Rebates are available NOW until October 31, 2018, on specific makes and models, and dependent upon manufacture.


RYGID AV is here to help.

As your local AV technology provider, we are here to help you sort through all of this. Here’s what we are offering:

  1. Free: Call us with the make and model (and band, if applicable) of your wireless microphones and we will tell you if they’re affected.
  2. Free: Once we determine if they’re affected, we will determine if you qualify for a rebate. You may be required to upgrade even if a rebate isn’t available for your current equipment. This happens to those with old equipment.
    – One place to check on your own: https://wirelessrebate.shure.com/
  3. Free: We provide options on upgrades, if you qualify for a rebate or not. We will provide you with estimates on Shure wireless microphone as upgrades. RYGID AV is an authorized dealer for Shure microphones. You don’t have to have Shure microphones to qualify for the rebate, but a purchase of microphones is required to receive the rebate.
    Example: call us about your AKG microphones, we offer a Shure replacement, you purchase Shure, send AKG microphones in with proof of purchase and receive your rebate. If you wish to purchase AKG again, we can still help.
  4. Decide on and purchase your microphones.
    – RYGID AV is offering free shipping on all new Shure orders between now and October 31, 2018. Not exclusive to wireless, so tell your friends.
  5. Free: We will assist you with filling out the proper paperwork to receive your rebate.
  6. You pay the shipping for the equipment you return and send them off.
  7. In 8-10 weeks you will receive your rebate check.

RYGID AV also offers installation services. If you choose to have your microphones installed by RYGID AV, we will cover the return shipping of your rebate eligible items. Installation service is an additional charge.

Please call us with your questions. We are here to assist you!

(980) 263.9194


Click here to view our flyer:  Shure WM Rebate Flyer

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