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An empty church sanctuary with two large screens and projectors and numerous lights and speakers for a complete AV package.

What Makes a Good Sound System for a Church?

A well-designed sound system is fundamental to any church, ensuring that every congregation member can hear the message clearly and experience the worship music profoundly and emotionally. But what exactly makes a good sound system for a church? This article will explore the essential components and considerations of creating an exceptional sound system, enabling a more immersive and spiritually uplifting worship experience.

A beautiful meeting room with a complete conference room AV system; 2 wall-mounted displays, speakers, and video camera.

Empowering Collaboration: The Complete Guide to Conference Room AV Systems

The modern conference room is no longer just a table and chairs in a room with a dry-erase board. It is a collaboration space that connects employees and clients worldwide, all on the backs of a conference room AV system.

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