Best Mixer for Small Churches

A close-up of a sound mixer with a blurry image of a sunlit sanctuary in a small church in the background

Best Mixer for Small Churches Choosing the right audio mixer for your small church can feel daunting, especially when balancing the desire for quality worship experiences with the practical realities of budget constraints and volunteer technical teams. Every service is an opportunity to connect and uplift, and the clarity of sound plays a pivotal role…

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How to Choose a Soundboard for a Church

A complete picture of an Allen & Heath sound board, where all the buttons and knobs to adjust are clearly visible. At the top of the picture is a bronze safety rail and a blurry congregation of people down below in a church worship service.

Choosing the right soundboard for worship is a crucial decision that impacts the quality of worship and the overall auditory experience. Soundboards, or mixing consoles, are at the heart of a church’s audio system, blending and refining the sound of voices, instruments, and other audio elements. This guide aims to demystify the process, offering essential…

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