Converting meeting rooms into video conferencing rooms is an easy win for the organization

Five coworkers sit around a table in a conference room; a camera captures their image and displays it on a large screen behind them and to virtual attendees. The AV tech makes the meeting room work better for both their local and remote employees.

In today’s collaborative environment, meeting rooms are for more than just conference calls. Organizations are leveraging meeting spaces as video conferencing rooms to connect dispersed teams efficiently and to support on-site collaborative tasks. In this new era, the number of collaboration spaces in an office building directly relates to the organization’s success. The right balance…

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5 things to consider before buying a commercial audio visual system

In a bright auditorium, a microphone sits on a wooden podium with a blurred-out background. A commercial audio visual system helps everyone in the audience see and hear what is happening on stage.

Installing a high-quality audio-visual system offers tremendous potential benefits for many businesses. While there are many options on the market today, they aren’t all equally suitable for your company’s needs or budget. Asking the right questions at the beginning of the process is critical to getting the best commercial audio visual system for you.  An…

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Your complete guide to av installation

A woman in business attire stands at a podium, speaking into a microphone, standing over a laptop. A group of business people stand in front of her, blurred out.

What is AV Installation? This question comes up a lot outside the AV industry. So many commercial and community organizations could benefit from a professionally installed AV system that we wanted to put together a helpful, complete guide. Let’s begin with some definitions. AV, or audio-visual, is the set of devices and processes which capture, store, display…

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